10 new laptops that are faster and lighter than ever

Ten years ago you may have turned up your nose at the thought of updating your hardware every few years, but these days the payoffs are truly worth it.

Sure, everyone wants to buy a new laptop bag and sashay into work with a new kit on their shoulder, but why not justify your sartorial style with some hardware as well?

Light and easy

While your chiropractor may not approve of our advice, updating your laptop to a newer model will help you lose a little weight – from the hardware – and relieve that shoulder strain.

With new design, new materials and smaller components, the weight of your average laptop drops every year. If we're talking about a tablet? Forgeddaboutit.

If you're balking at the thought of relinquishing the power of a desktop when converting to a laptop, just for the sake of mobility, you'll be happy to discover that improvements in power and speed have risen as the weight has dropped.

Like greased lightning

For processor-intensive computing tasks that need to be done locally and on-the-go, nothing beats a solid state drive (SSD).

Many new laptops come with SSD storage as standard now, which, yes, may bump the cost a little, but also means you're not compromising when it comes performance.

When coupled with a latest-gen processor – like the 8th Generation Core i7 Intel processor – simple functions become split-second events, and intensive processing jobs, like rendering video files or compiling code, happen in minutes, not hours.

A vision of the future

As TVs get bigger and personal devices get smarter, 4K resolution laptops have quietly been making their way to market in increasingly impressive ways.


No longer is 4K video purely the domain of gamers or video editors – although these professions should now be stoked with the options available top them – the layperson can enjoy 4K in both 13-inch and 15-inch laptop displays.

Four times the resolution of standard HD; the boost in colour, contrast and depth is remarkable, bringing a cinematic experience to any place you care to rest your new lappy.

Take a look through the gallery above to find some of the best hardware to lift your game.