10 of the best men's grooming products

Everyone's an expert when it comes to men's grooming products. Walk into any department store, men's store or skin clinic and I guarantee they will have just the thing, just for you, just here and now, sir.

Well, I have too, but my recommendations come from a different perspective, involving nil financial interest and maximum opportunity over the past few years to sample products and to enlist male guinea pigs to do so for me.

So I leave you with a list spanning 10 categories of "fail-safe" products that will have you looking your best at all times.

Scroll through the gallery above to discover 10 of the best men's products. 

A journalist with a history of covering style with style and flair, Natasha Hughes has reported extensively on men's grooming and presentation. With Spit & Polish she also has a commission to write across presentation and deportment.