10 of the hottest shoes for men this summer

Call it the Apocalypse, Ragnarok, End of Days, or just the bleak cynicism of today's culture, but Crocs have made their way onto the fashion stage.

Which begs the question – does function trump form, or is it just a way to take a basic (and globally hated) shoe and make it topical as a distraction or talking point?

Either way, coming into summer it does highlight the need for footwear that provides comfort while staying cool in summer. And no, thongs (or flip-flops for international readers) definitely do not cut it.

Luckily there are a good alternatives to the world's ugliest shoe that will compliment the gentleman's wardrobe and the soles of your feet will thank you for.

The sandal

Firstly, and with all puns intended, you've gotta put your best foot forward.

So why not start at the top of list with, and by that we mean Hermes. If you're going to go the full summer, then you can't really go past the classic Izmir sandal. White calfskin, leather sole – what could be any more luxurious and effortlessly chic than a pair of these on your feet under the summer sun? Pair it back with a full linen outfit and a quality Panama hat, and you're well and truly set. C'est magnifique!

The pool slide

For something cooler, and a little more poolside-in-LA vibes, you can't go by the black Givenchy rubber slides. These have been around for several seasons now, but they're still as popular as ever. Go all the way with logos on each foot, or if you want to be a bit more subtle, the star & stripe print will do just as good.

This style pairs well with block coloured boardshort, but if you're going for total Los Angeles native, then it any type of short will work because you're probably not even going to go in the water anyway.

The canvas sneaker

There are plenty of lightweight sneakers that will sit nicely in the summer wardrobe.


Look for a canvas upper, rubber sole combination such as French label, Spring Court. They've got a nice mix of colour palette throughout their collections, but mostly known for a simple, white, low-rise sneaker so add that to cart and keep it in your classics section of the wardrobe.

As navy is still a colour trend going into summer, opt for their classic canvas in midnight. They give off denim vibes and can be worn with a tailored pair of shorts and linen shirt taking you from beach barbecue to the bar without a question.

The espadrille

Another way to keep the summer vibes coming but keep it classy at the same time is the espadrille.

With its European origins, the name of the shoe actually came from a species of plant used to braid the iconic sole.

Most styles are fairly traditional in shape and materials, however Loewe do a pair with a black, supple full-grain leather upper with lightweight soles making them a shoe that's paired neatly with a white trouser or dark blue denim jeans and a naked ankle, obviously. This could almost be the perfect summer shoe.

The slipper

The definition of pure luxury right now comes in the form of a slipper, namely Gucci's.

Whether or not it's a Hugh Hefner tribute, we'd be happy for it to stay.

A slipper is ideal for dinner on a balmy evening, when something a little more formal is required. You won't, however be leaving these bad boys anywhere on their own – with rose velvet upper (including crystal embroidered gold snake appliqué and quilted satin lining) – you'll probably want to sleep in them.

Check out the gallery above to see the best shoes to stay cool in this summer.