12 duffle bags that are perfect for every day

Stylish guys know they don't have to carry a briefcase and a gym bag to work every day. Instead they opt for beautiful yet durable bags that can carry all their wares but still look appropriate for the office.

Enter the leather day bag.

Smaller than a weekender but larger than a briefcase, they're ideal for carrying everything you need-work papers, lunch, and gym gear-without the need for extra luggage. (If you'd like a more casual, slightly smaller version of these, check out our roundup of carry cases.)

A beautiful bag will last you a lifetime, so invest in one crafted from well-treated, durable leather. Don't worry about getting it dirty or wet-finer bags will stand up to your daily commute and age wonderfully as you carry them. Look also for sturdy hardware and durable construction that include handles that will withstand heavy use and pockets that make sense.

Traditional colours such as black and brown are the most versatile, but more sartorial shades such as navy or oxblood and such luxury materials as ostrich and alligator offer eye-catching sophistication. You'll always get comments on a unique bag.

Check out the gallery above for the most stylish leather duffle bags for men.