12 of the best unisex skincare products to share with your girlfriend

Ever been tempted to use some of those arcane looking products you find in your girlfriend's bathroom cabinet?  Of course you have. They're the reason she looks so good.

The good news? That mystical ingredient currently working wonders on her complexion can do exactly the same for yours too.

One for all

It's lesser known that the raft of cleansers, moisturisers and serums marketed at men and women respectively are made from the virtually the same ingredients. The only difference you're likely to find between an eye cream sold to women and one targeted at men (aside from the packaging) is the smell. Enter the world of unisex skincare where you're bound to find that saviour product or potion that ticks all her boxes as well as yours.

Melbourne dermatologist Dr. Alice Rudd offers that although men's skin is thicker and more robust than women's, sourcing high quality ingredients should be the priority for any skin type.

"I tend to recommend the same products for men and women. For me it's all about the active ingredients. What's important is finding the right skin care, for the right skin type at the right time," she says.

Why unisex skincare?

The saturation of 'miracle products' on the market has resulted in turn for more minimalist regimes. The last few years have seen a surge in the number of skincare brands offering simple, high quality products packed with essential ingredients.

Brands like Aesop, Verso, Grown Alchemist and Apot.Care are leading the way with laboratory and often plant based formulations with neutral scents and minimal packaging. Take Verso's Hydration Serum for example; a potent combination of oat lipids and Nordic oils that's nothing short of a saviour for all varieties of dry and dehydrated skin, male and female. There might be a reason she's hiding it from you.

Celebrity makeup artist and presenter Michael Brown has observed that men are more open to discussing their skin concerns than they've ever been thanks to social media. He observes the extent to which brands are responding to the demand for simple, premium skincare products that combat key concerns like ageing and fatigue.

"Men prefer neutral packaging, little to no scent and lighter textures in their skincare. More modern brands are starting to recognise this; products and packaging are becoming far more accessible and gender neutral," explains Brown.


Where to find it

Thanks to multi-brand beauty retailers like Mecca Cosmetica, Sephora, Myer and David Jones, unisex skincare ranges are becoming far more readily available. The combination of Australian and international brands stocked in these stores ensures that a conscious consumer is spoilt for choice when it comes to options such as chemical free, vegan, organic and fragrance free across a variety of price points.

Jacob Stanley, Head of Education at Mecca Brands has noticed a shift in the male customer's philosophy towards embracing a variety of skincare brands when it comes to finding the right product for their skin:

"Fewer men are worried about using products that are designed specifically for males. While we do have some ranges that are targeted for the needs and preferences of male customers (multi-tasking products, pre and post shaving care), most of our male customers are not concerned about getting something "for men",' he said.

Considering how much time, money and bathroom space you'd save, it's hard to find a good reason for you and your partner not to jump on the unisex skincare bandwagon. Share and share alike. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Check out the gallery above for some of the best unisex products.