13 of the best men's gear to rock out in at a music festival

Known for celebrities, models plus other fashion & beauty A-gamers, Coachella is the year's most anticipated festival, kicking off the global trendsetting circuit. Most of the time, in good taste.

This year attendees turned out plenty of bright colours, oversized everything, as well as those  go-to festival staples: denim cut offs, flannel and a whole lot of black.

However, with all the good there is also a whole lot of bad – and we're gonna call (some of) it out.

Netted clothing

On guys or girls. Hard pass. This trend has been doing the rounds at similar festivals for the past few years, and while it started off with good intentions, it's done the complete opposite and doesn't hit the mark.

Guys should avoid it at all costs. And girls considering it? Think about what it looks like for all angles…and we mean all!


Yes, there were guys wearing underwear on an open polo field, in bright daylight. Not really a look to be considered at all. Full stop. Forever.

Culturally insensitive clothing

It's not cute, it's not fashion, it's not cool. It's just straight up ignorant.

Crop tops and super-short-shorts

Although I was a fan of one sloganed crop ("make America slay again") there is such a thing as too cropped. As in, you're not even wearing a top at all.


As for the super-short-shorts, Stitched Up has visited this general topic time and time again – and gents, it's just not gonna stick. What you should stick to, however is something age and body-size appropriate.

But it wasn't all a meshed and mashed up mess. There was also some sleek reminders that festival-wear can be a chance to rock comfort and style all in one go.

All black everything

A personal favourite of mine. Keep it cool in black shorts, a black shirt (logo, print or slogan optional) with a cool pair of classic Doctor Marten boots and you're all set.

To complete the look, throw on a pair of acetate sunnies or something round and reflective. What's important with this look is to get your short and booth length right and never overlook the details.

Rolled down your socks so they sit under the boots, which are loosely tied for that full, Californian desert vibe.

Bold colour and prints

If worn well (really, the only style rule) this trend is totally acceptable, and even in the form of a romper – lol just kidding. That's never ok.

Local brand Double Rainbow has made their mark across the Pacific with their iconic prints turning up in combos or just the signature shirt thrown on with some simple shorts.

Festivals are one of the few times guys can get a little colour crazy, and there was plenty of  psychedelic prints, Camilla-style, happening everywhere.


As a festival favourite (and sun-smart must) hats are an easy trend. Colour blocking was a cool touch, with black Akubras teamed with white shorts, white tee offset by a red flannie at the waist. Throw on some reflective Saint Laurent sunnies and you're in business – right through from day to night.

All in all – as much as Coachella is all about the music, let's be honest – it's the fashion that half the spectators are there for, whether we think we admit it or not.