14 of the best looks for men this spring

As the saying goes, spring has well and truly sprung. And as we embrace the new season with gusto (gusto being sharp new threads and accessories to match), it can often come as a shock that despite all our careful planning our wardrobe can leave us out in the cold. Or heat. Or some uncomfortable in-between state.

Even without the effects of global warming, your average spring day can be more erratic than Malcolm Turnbull's stance on anything.

Thankfully, most menswear is somewhat trans-seasonal and following some simple ground rules - keep it clean,  keep it sharp and keep  it stylish – can keep you prepared for anything and looking your best.

Lighter, looser

For the most part, spring's burgeoning warmth means you should opt for lighter and less tailored garments that can easily be layered if you need some extra protection from the elements: think patterned shirts with a looser choice in trousers.

David Jones' recent runway highlighted just how sharp this look can still be, working for both weekends and the office, while catering to capricious weather patterns.

Spring is really the perfect time to have some fun with your  accessories. Ditch the heavy, woolen scarf in favour for lightweight cotton or even silk. Just don't fall into the 2006 trap of wearing it over a T-shirt.

Your hat in the ring

Given it can go from a comfortable temp in the early twenties and soar up to 31 degrees in a red hot minute, quite literally, the perfect hat is also a must-have investment.

A personal favourite of this Sydney-based writer are Strand Hatters in the CBD. They stock a complete range of Akubra felt hats, and depending on your selected shape and size, can complement your suit (try it) or your casual Friday outfit (opt for a black one with your denim jacket).  Melburnians, City Hatters are a classic.

Cheat the heat

A good cheat for these surprise heatwaves is to keep a decent selection of ties in your top drawer in the office and rock a relaxed, open collared vibe on the commute to work.


This may sound like obvious common sense, but you'd be surprised how many men will fight an uphill battle on overheated buses and trains, tie still attached.

Furthermore, the right footwear is going to be key in completing the perfect spring season look. This is an opportunity to break out a suede, low-rise boot to either dress down or dress up an outfit such as the Saint Laurent Chelsea boots in beige. Considering the chances for sudden showers are generally high, these have the added benefits of keeping your ankles dry while actually improving in appearance the more beaten up they get.

Before you leave the house

As far as outer layers go, denim or suede jackets are your best friend – perfect for casual Friday and a good option to consider from office to work drinks when the sun goes down.

Thanks to an increasingly relaxed corporate dresscode, turning up to work in a razor sharp denim jacket over your more traditional shirt and trouser combo isn't as farfetched as it might sound. Just be sure to choose one that has a more fitted silhouette for a polished finish.

Finally, a good brolly should always be on hand in all cities. Try Matchesfashion and Mr Porter for a good selection of stylish options – opt for colour over black, that you'll never mix them up!

Check out the gallery above for tips on building a spring wardrobe that's ready for anything.