14 of the best skincare products for men to use in the winter

Looking after yourself shouldn't be an indulgence. Or even a luxury. It should be something you do on a daily basis, whether it be swapping out that burger for grilled fish or actually going on that run rather than binge watching yet another Netflix must-see.

Same goes goes for your face. Actually, maybe more so.

As far as maintenance goes, you can get away with skipping cardio day day here and there or even wolfing down some heavy duty fried food once in a while.

But neglecting your face – specifically your skin – comes with the kind of repercussions that aren't as easily hidden away by saying you're embracing the oversized trend now. (Seriously, you're not kidding anyone.)


Melbourne-based skincare specialist James Vivian describes winter as a war zone for your face.

"In the winter time, there are a lot of fluctuations in the atmosphere," he explains.

Hotter showers in the morning and night, office heating, cold air, and even eating heavier, richer foods are all going to wreak havoc on your visage in different ways such as drying it out, which in turn causes redness and increased sensitivity that leads to more irritation than watching your UberEats courier continually take the wrong route.

To combat this, we tend to move towards using heavier, richer products. But that too has its own drawbacks.

"But because of those heavier products the skin can suffer more build of skin cells in the pores and this needs to be exfoliated back with a textured scrub or an acids. This is a really important step as exfoliation allows for your other products to better absorbed into the skin."


That winter light

However, Vivian says the biggest concern in winter is in fact sun damage.

"A lot of people think you don't need to wear sunscreen in the winter time because it is not as sunny, " says Vivian.

"This is true of the UVB radiation which is the carcinogenic rays which are more dangerous in summer but UVA radiation, the rays that cause hyperpigmentation and prematurely age you are just as strong in winter as they are in summer. In fact, people are accruing their sun damage in winter because they're not protecting their skin properly."

The result is the tired and wrinkled skin of someone much older than they really are. And if recent reports are true, and your next selfie could be the first step to your next relationship, then making sure you're taking care of all aspects of your person should be at the top of your list.

Step one

Washing your face is a basic step that, in 2018, no man can claim ignorance of. But what you may not know is that you need to match the cleanser to the season, counteracting drying environments.

Avoid heavy duty cleansers that might strip the skin of oils and invest in a mild every day cleanser. Maybe at night or after the gym you can use your usual strength face wash to help remove excess grime.

Step two

Exfoliate. This doesn't need to happen every day, but every second or third – especially before shaving – is enough to sand back the build up of oils and skin cells. This also helps prevent ingrowns and maintain an overall smoother complexion. 

Step three

Moisturising is more than slapping on some fancy cream. Know what result you're after and choose a product that will answer that need. In winter, choose products that are richer with ingredients that are designed to counteract the damage you've happily been accruing. This includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, peptides and salicylic acids.

Also, what you put on your face during the day should be different to what you put on at night.

Your bedtime fix can be heavier and thicker than what you wear during the day and this is where you can get the real work done.

If you're after deeper exfoliating treatments, find products that have AHA or AHB that will penetrate below the surface of the skin.

Step four

Treat yourself. No, seriously, book yourself into a skincare clinic and treat yourself to an hour at the hands of someone who knows how to make you look your best.

Specialists such as James Vivian, who has also just opened a Sydney branch of his cult clinic, Mankind or Sydney's iconic Face of Man offer an array of treatments ranging from simple maintenance to more comprehensive sessions involving laser and light therapy.

Final step

Sunscreen. It's not rocket science and without it, it makes all this other work you're doing pointless. Kind of like going to the gym twice a day but only ever eating Maccas.

To put it simply – there is nothing shameful about investing the time and energy into keeping your mug on the right side of alright. Even if you're not inclined to spend time in the stores finding products, online retailers such as Mr Porter have made it easy for you to peruse according to your concern. All from the comfort of your own home.

Considering that you're more likely to meet your next significant other through a series of selfies on Instagram than you are in a bar or on Tinder, knowing you've got the glowing sheen of an Adonis brings with a self confidence that you're genuinely putting the best possible you out there for the world to see.

Check out the gallery above to see the best skincare products that will save your face this winter.