15 of the best haircuts for men to try in 2018

Never underestimate the power of a great haircut. Or an iconic one, for that matter.

Last month the mining town of Kurri Kurri in northern New South Wales hosted the inaugural Mulletfest – a celebration of what some would say is the world's worst haircut.

While not quite the grooming habit sported in the corner office, the mullet still stands out in a crowd. Even if it's just for the nostalgia, like spotting a Monaro in a lineup of Mercedes'.

And like all things nostalgic, mullets are making their way back into the mainstream as hairstyles for men are taking a turn for yesteryear.

Particularly those from the golden era of the 1980s.


Think of haircuts from the '80s and two images come back with a vengeance – blown-out and hairspray-heavy glam rock mullets and Patrick Bateman's slicked back side-part.

But it's those overlooked, day-to-day styles that are responsible for what is proving to be this year's most popular grooming trends thanks to Oscar-bait films such as Call Me By Your Name and Italian label MSGM who have been determined to revive the era's contrasting hyper yet relaxed aesthetic.

It's a look that master barber DJ Avilla from men's grooming mecca The Barberhood warns is more complex than you may remember.

"I think most of what we are going to see is, much like the '80s, the contrast of two looks on  one head," says Avilla.


"So very neat fades and sides will feature against heavily textured or loose fringe and tops.

Depending on your styling product, the benefits of this particular cut and trend is it allows you to create a more manicured and tailored look for work, while providing enough length and texture for something slightly more playful on the weekend.

As seen on screen

While Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet are being applauded for their acting skills in the stunning summer hit Call Me By Your Name, the real stars (aside from that killer wardrobe) was the hair.

Softer than your average short-back-and-sides, both cuts emphasised letting the hair fall as naturally as possible with as little affectation – and product – as possible.

For this kind of look, stick to products that keep the hair conditioned and frizz free such as Christophe Robin's moisturising hair cream. Alternatively, if you want to create a more styled finished, still maximising the hair's natural texture, try Modern Pirate's sea salt pomade.


Of course, it can be a fearsome thing to completely change your look. Just ask Thor.

Watching the recent Taika Waititi directed Thor: Ragnarok, there was a collective scoffing of disbelief from the gents in the audience when the titular star of the film appeared shirtless. Personally, however, it wasn't Hemsworth's impossible-for-any normal-bloke's rig that made the biggest impact, but the almost biblical removal of Thor's hair.

Could this, finally, be the end of the man-bun? Probably not, but we can hope.

But the ditching of Hemsworth's Point Break-esque surfers hair for a more polished looking, and frankly easier to maintain, style should give gents holding on to their "muns" some inspiration.

Maintaining this classic cut requires little effort. For a matte finish that gives ample hold with little residue, go for Patricks M3 matte pomade.

Sweeping style

For gents chasing a style that actually does shout "top floor, corner office" go straight to the source - Gordon Gekko's swept back power cut.

It's not every man who can pull this off, mostly due to hair type, and a more modern take is to let the hair fall the way it wants as opposed to trying to punish it into submission with hairspray or even gel.

Keep it looking well nourished by working through Aesop's violet leaf hair balm. For a night time look, get a sleeker finish with Redken Brews' dishevel fiber cream.

Stand tall

At this year's Oscars, Sam Rockwell gave idea of "age appropriate" grooming the finger with his ceiling-high take on the modern crew cut.

Cemented into place and not a strand going astray, Rockwell was a reminder that you're never too old to have a little fun with your hair. Incidentally, David Beckham has been spotted sporting his signature quiff again too. Thankfully this time without the frosted tips or the additional faux-hawk effect either.

Achieving this kind of style takes a little time and more old school styling products that have that extra hold. As you're styling, spray in a few squirts of Baxter's Clay Effect Style Spray to maintain hold. For extra hold, you could finish it off with Redken Brews hairspray.

Take a look at the gallery above to see the best haircuts to try in 2018.