15 of the best Valentine's Day gifts that both partners can enjoy

In a time when men are wearing pearls, fashion designers from Stefano Pilato to Nicholas Ghesquière at Louis Vuitton continue to explore non-binary ideas on the runway, it seems somewhat quaint to do a separate Valentine's Day gift guide for him and her.

As Vogue UK critic Anders Christian Madsen wrote in a recent article on unisex fashion, 

"Whether it's fashion's impact on me or an evolving mentality affecting designers, the feeling for 'genderless' fashion has never been stronger than it is now."

Last month Women's Wear Daily said genderless fashion was the future of the industry, noting how designers now show men's and women's fashion shows together, cast both sexes in look books are examining what 

Besides all of that, we all like chocolates and long-stemmed red roses, right?

Instead we've looked for gifts that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you're that way inclined, they can even be shared.

In any case it makes sense to give gifts that have multiple purposes, for reasons both fiscal and environmental - less waste, less crap is always a good thing. Most of us don't have enough space for yet another random gift. Nobody wants to be weighed down with stuff.

Though if you are buying stuff. It's much better to buy well, and keep it forever. Put that on a coffee mug that you can share with your loved one.

For Valentine's Day gift ideas we've included a shirt from men's resort wear label COMMAS that can totally be pinched by a partner, scents with woody notes and universal appeal and an extravagant chess set from Tiffany & Co. which is destined to inspire some gentle competitiveness and also look incredible on your coffee table.

Enforced romance can feel tacky, and much has been written about the commercialisation of Valentine's Day. But why not embrace the day as an opportunity to share in something extra special together? Considering the garbage fire the world seems to be increasingly engulfed in, special moments like Valentine's Day can definitely now fall under the self care category.

Anyway, a thoughtful gift is the best one and a yearly reminder to do something nice for someone special in your life (partner or otherwise) isn't all bad.  And you needn't spend a lot of money – have a picnic, go strawberry picking, open the bottle of wine you've been saving for a special enough occasion.

But if you do want to splash some cash, then take a look at the gallery up top to see our suggestions for Valentine's Day.