15 sneakers you have to have this summer

When the warmer weather hits, a lot of blokes have trouble deciding what to wear on their feet on weekends.

Havaianas might be an obvious choice for the beach, but they're a little too casual for anything else. High-end trainers make you look like a wannabe rapper, while low-end trainers make you look like an ice-addict. And unless you actually are a chino-wearing-chartered-accountant from one of the leafy burbs, boat shoes are just way too conservative.

Super sneakers

Which brings us to the humble canvas or leather sneaker. Executive Style reckons the sneaker is the perfect summer staple to take you everywhere from the BBQ, to the moonlight cinema. A really nice pair can even pass muster in a fancy café.

"Avoid any sneaker that looks like it belongs in a gym," says MenStylePower founder Louise Edmonds. "And for a sports-luxe aesthetic, pair your sneakers with a pair of tailored shorts and short-sleeve button-up shirt."

Edmonds says one of her favourite male sneakers at the moment is the Ace low-top released last week by Gucci. "It's embroidered with flowers, so it might not be for everyone," she admits.

Miles Wharton, fashion blogger and director of The Bespoke Corner, says he wears white leather sneakers from Eve and Kane with shorts, chinos and a button-up shirt. "I'll even wear them occasionally with tailored swimwear and a V-neck T-shirt," he says. "The white sneaker is an essential staple of every fashion conscious man's wardrobe."

Check out the gallery above for 15 of the best sneakers to get you through summer.