16 of the best boardshorts for men to look cool in this summer

With most of us back at the weekly grind, struggling to find a solid reason to pile on the suit in a heatwave, nothing could be more enticing than thought of a post-work or weekend dip in some cool salty water. Or the local pool, if that's more your fancy.

But ask yourself - do those old boardies you've hoarded for the past three summers still bring you joy?

There's always a good reason to invest in a fresh pair of boardshorts.

Better boardies

As brands become more conscious of the way men wear their products – no longer tied to one purpose, but ready for everything – so have their designs and fabrication features improved.

Basically, your boardshorts are now just as at home in the waves of Bondi or Brighton as they are in the local bar enjoying your tipple of choice.

So goodbye bulky-looking, ill-fitting sacks with leg holes and hello well-tailored, thoughtfully constructed shorts.

This multi-purpose approach also means cutting back on having unnecessary crap in your drawers a la minimalist of the moment Marie Kondo.

Style conscious

Style-wise, contemporary boardies have it all. Whether they're the artistically picturesque prints of Orlebar Brown or the functional and simple block colours of Maraná, boardies have become a wardrobe staple that can take the place of your more upmarket shorts.

Take Versace's input into the boardie market – a sleek black offering that, with the right footwear (tip: Prada sandals or chunky dad sneaker) and shirt, could easily be rocked in venues known for their strict dresscode policy.


Acne's retro-inspired "Perry" shorts stand out as one of the best of the season, catching the mood of a Beverly Hills pool party in the early '80s. What's not to like about that vision?

If supporting local brands is high on your list of priorities though, Aussie labels Double Rainbouu and Commas should be on your radar if not already in your cupboards.

While the dudes at Double R. are known for their psychedelic prints and deliberately loud fabrics, Commas is best suited to the man who wants a more timeless classic.

In other words, there';s something for everyone.

Check out the gallery above to see the *** of the best boardies you should be rocking.