18 of the best-dressed men at the 75th Golden Globes 2018

While previous Golden Globes award nights have seen plenty of stars buck the evening's traditional dress code, this year there was a good reason for guests to become sudden sticklers to the black-tie rules.

But even in these dark times, plenty of men did their best to give a lesson in what it takes to rock a blackout look and still stand out in a crowd of men dressed exactly the same as you.

Look closer

Forget everything you've been told, what's on the surface does count. At least, it does when it comes to nailing a solid black-tie look.

Contrasting textures, including velvet and satin, discrete patterns and bold embellishments were some of the tricks gents used to give their evening wear some extra character.

From a distance, Chris Hemsworth – bravely sans tie – and former Glee-star Darren Criss both chose suits that, from afar, bore the stamp of simple staples. But closer inspection revealed a far more interesting affair, with Criss in camo and Chris in paisley.

In comparison, The Disaster Artist star, and "other Franco", Dave ditched all semblance of subtlety with a sequined lapel.

A crop above

While not as drastic as previous years (ahem, Pharrell) a slight shortening of the pants cuffs is still very much a thing that men are doing.

This may seem like it goes against all norms of tailoring, but the trend does have its benefits: it streamlines the silhouette of the pants leg while drawing more attention to your shoes. Just make sure that your footwear is something you definitely want attention drawn to...

Accessorise all areas

Lapel pins, jewellery, pocketsquares – you name it, it was worn. In varying shades of black, mostly, but with the occasional colour thrown in.


Milo Ventimiglia went old-school with a black floral lapel pin, while Hemsworth stayed true to hometown Byron Bay heritage with collection of beaded bracelets.

But maybe it was Ewan McGregor who stole the show, and the shoe, with his fascinating footwear jewellery that looked like they could have just as easily been used for some questionable body piercing.

(Of course, the only real accessory worth noting was the ubiquitous "time's up" awareness badge and symbol of the new movement worn by nearly every bloke with a collar.)

What rules

Of course, when it comes to winning style you're only limited by your imagination. Case in point: Laurence Fishburne.

Wearing a Chinese-inspired robe complete with mandarin collar, the Matrix star was a welcome glitch to the endless suits.

Not for the faint hearted, and not quite PC either, it was still a brilliant take on the black-tie requirements.

Check out the gallery above to see the best black-tie looks from the Golden Globes.