18 pieces of the most sophisticated technology to take you into 2018

When it comes to buying the latest technology, updating your smart devices or home entertainment equipment doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your personal design brief.

We spend so much time cultivating an awareness of style, that the mere thought of updating may send shivers down your spine. New tech means a greyscale palette and harsh lines, right? Not so.

Well, maybe a little greyscale.

Big is beautiful

A decade ago, device manufacturers were obsessed with miniaturising everything. From mobile phones to cars, laptop computers and even pets (remember the Tamagotchi?) - if you could slip it into your breast pocket, it was approved for production.

The story today is different. Big is better.

Take the Ripsaw EV2 luxury tank, for example. You read that correctly: a truly all-terrain vehicle, the EV2 combines the raw grunt of 750 horsepower with the style and sophistication you'd expect from luxury private jet.

It's the perfect vehicle to casually climb into as you throw a quip over your shoulder before ascending a mountain to your villain's lair above.

Everything new is old again

Design trends come and go, but none is more popular than reinvigorating new devices with old ideas. After all, there's a reason why a particular design - like a watch movement or style of vehicle design - endures so long.

This is ironically so when it comes to technology. Yes, new materials are created every day, as too are smaller components, but why try and reinvent the wheel when you have a perfectly serviceable blueprint in front of you?


Of course, we're talking about the Coboc ONE Soho electric pedal 'fixie' bike. Easy on the eye and as light as your average mountain bike, the overall style is a throwback to London, circa 1960.

However, inside the frame is a complex collection of electric circuits, batteries and an electric motor to assist riders on the road. With a single gear and an urbane appeal, it's a sophisticated city bike, pure and simple.

Take a browse through the gallery above to get a little technological inspiration for the year ahead.