19 of the most influential men in Australian fashion

Have you ever wondered who it is that decides what's actually in fashion for men? Who was responsible for the return of pink or making flannies cool again?

These influential figures can be easily spotted sitting on the front row – or "frow" – of major fashion events; a line of faces intently watching what designers send down a catwalk, taking photos and notes as they attempt to translate what they see into something that the average gent can easily wear himself.

Traditionally, this would have been any number of buyers, editors, writers, photographers, and even fellow designers. However, the playing field has broadened even further with a growing number of "influencers" now taking centre stage, bringing with them an enormous number of followers.

This may seem like a frivolous sort of influence, but when you take into account the fact that Australia's local fashion industry turns over an an annual $21 billion (and is allegedly worth $28 billion) – it's a serious business.

So who exactly are these movers and shakers shaping the world of menswear?

Patrick Johnson

The Sydney-based founder of P. Johnson Tailors is rarely seen out of a suit of some sort. Whether it be the soft, unstructured Italian designs he's workroom has become known for or razor sharp tailoring, Johnson is the man behind many of the other regularly featured "best dressed" men of social media.

Dan Rookwood

The bearded gent with impeccable taste in eyewear regularly features on best dressed lists from around the world. Which makes sense considering that he also happens to be the editor for online shopping portal Mr Porter's weekly newsletter. He also writes a regular column for GQ, where he discusses the daily foibles of being a modern man.

Despite now living in New York, and originally coming from the UK, his time living in Sydney makes him an honorary Aussie.

Brian and Vincent Wu

The founders of boutique store Incu have been hard at work revolutionising men's streetwear for more than a decade. Since launching their first store in Paddington, the brothers have created an empire that boasts eight stores across three states as well as an online store.


They're also responsible for one of the most accessible and wearable range of staples on the market, Weathered.

Mitchell Oakley Smith

As the editor of menswear magazine Manuscript, Mitchell Oakley Smith has been instrumental in introducing Australian men to the world of luxury fashion. As the The Woolmark Company's in-house editor, he's also responsible for presenting Australia's merino industry to a global audience.

With three books on the Australian fashion industry under his belt, Oakley Smith is regularly tapped to talk at events and galas.

Justin O'Shea

Despite recent controversies, Justin O'Shea remains a powerhouse within the industry. Maybe even more so now with slightly more infamy under his belt.

The Toowoomba-born Aussie was recently made Creative Director at high-end Italian label Brioni before being unceremoniously dumped by the brand six months later. O'Shea made waves when he sent floor-length fur coats down the runway and featured heavy metal band Metallica in his debut campaign. While he may be out of a job now, watch this space …

Chris Kyvetos

The rise of the sneaker from streetwear to luxury good has been a fascinating process, and one that Sneakerboy-founder Chris Kyvetos was quick to grasp.

His store has become a mecca for cult footwear and brands, with longer lines than an exclusive nightclub when pundits get whiff of a new season drop.

Maurice Terzini

From fashion to food, there is little that Sydney-based Maurice Terzini hasn't turned into a success. With his preference for monochrome draping, the founder of Bondi hotspot Icebergs and streetwear label 10 Pieces is the perfect mix of Sydney and Melbourne.

Eschewing whatever colour is in trend that season for a strict unisex collection in black and white, Terzini has marked himself out as the designer other designers wear.

Nathan McCallum

What started as a Tumblr blog documenting daily outfits soon became an international phenomenon that has sent the former NSW Central Coast resident around the world.

A fan of Akubra hats and mixing skatewear with tailored pieces, McCallum typifies the ground roots movement of bloggers - self-made and self-styled.

Jeremy Molcanovs

The menswear buyer for Melbourne's niche designer store Assin, Jeremy Molcanovs has created a haven for men who seek something a little more out of the ordinary for their wardrobes.

True, jumpers carved into a face may not be for everyone, but there's something to be said for fashion that makes heads turn, even if it is to try and figure out what the hell they just witnessed.

Simon Lock

Owner and CEO of The Lock Group, Simon Lock is probably best known as the founder of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the pinnacle event in the fashion calendar.

Recognised globally for his key role in the implementation of international fashion week showcases throughout the Asia-Pacific region, it's hard to imagine a fashion industry without Lock.

Jared Acquaro

Old-world is the best way to describe the personal style of Melbourne-based Jared Acquaro. From the high-hitched waistlines to choice of accessories, Acquaro has developed a cult following for his traditionalist-meets-pugilist (he used to be a kickboxer) aesthetic.

His blog, A Poor Man's Millions, aims to demonstrate that men don't need to spend a lot of money to look a million dollars.

Christian Kimber

Melbourne-based cordwainer Christian Kimber is a man who always puts his best foot forward. Which makes sense considering he's more often than not wearing something of his own creation.

Inspired by his travels, Kimber's designs (and personal sense of style) combine the flare of his native London with the laid-back approach of Australian fashion.

Dalton Graham

The mind behind largely-headless style blog The Tailored Man, Graham has a keen eye for style and the finer things. Based in Melbourne, the blogger regularly shares details of his own wardrobe plus ways to live a more tailored life.

David Bonney

Bonney is the stylist behind MJ Bale's campaigns, crafting the perfect image of Australian tailoring.

Now based in LA, David Bonney is also the creative mind behind the combination of looks sent down the runway for various menswear collections at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Zac and Jordan Stenmark

Impossibly good looking and genuinely nice guys, the Stenmark twins made the transformation from runway models to industry insiders.

Whether their sitting front row or walking the runway themselves, the pair possess a Midas touch when it comes to menswear. The pair have even created their own lifestyle brand, Stenmark, that covers everything from fashion to fitness.

Robert Ferris

As the head buyer for Australia's premium luxury store Harrolds, Robert Ferris is one of the most influential figures in men's fashion and the man who brought big brands like Thom Browne and Tom Ford to our shores.

Ferris's vision for menswear is one that involves the "right mix of timeless elegance and something that will add another dimension to our customers".

Graeme Lewsey

CEO of Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, there are few who can say they've done as much for fashion industry as Graeme Lewsey.

Lewsey has dedicated his career to building and expanding the Australian fashion industry, both locally and internationally.

Check out our gallery above to see who the biggest influencers are in Australian menswear.