20 mindful gifts that will make mum spark joy this Mother's Day

Mother's Day has come to mean so much more than what Anna Jarvis, the American peace activist and founder of the modern celebration, intended it to be back in 1908.

Ironically, it was never meant to be about the exchange of gifts, instead a day of honouring motherhood's role in society. Jarvis and went so far as suing Hallmark cards for their commercialising of the day.

So in 2019, let be the year to celebrate Mother's Day a little more mindfully – whether you opt for sustainable gifts, select those that also raise money for charities or purchase an investment piece with a low carbon footprint, it's time to take a different approach to the way you might usually spend the day.  

This means making the kind conscious consumer choices that give as much back to the world as we take from it. Be it in the form of a charity, or a brand with pillars of sustainability and environmental conservation.

Give a little, gift a little

Investing in a little luxury needn't be a guilty indulgence. With a little research, it's now easy to find a gift idea - whether it be something as tangible as fashion or skincare to a more experiential concept - that comes with an ethical price tag.

Something like a hand-painted artisan scarf by Martin Thompson might just do the trick. Or sustainable chocolate by Koko Black, or Made in Australia skincare.

A few years ago, a Melbourne primary school banned Mother's Day gift stalls and rebranded it International Day of Families to be inclusive of those from non-traditional ones. While this sounds enlightening in theory, it's perhaps missing the point of the day itself.

It's a day to embrace motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of a mother on society and acknowledging that's not always a woman doing that job either.  

Check out the gallery above to see our list of mindful gifts for mum.