20 of the best dressed men from the 91st Academy Awards

The 91st Academy Awards have kicked off and where does one begin?

Every year there is this unspoken promise that the gents will finally bring a bit of personality to the film industry's biggest night but every year it's always just, well, a little disappointing. A perfectly tailored suit is one thing, but when you're also strutting your stuff in front of a sea of paparazzi why not punch it up a notch.

And so they did.

Purple reign

If there was one trend to take away from the night it's that wearing black to a black tie event is definitely no longer required. Red, pink, teal, and even camo (thanks Pharrell for keeping that print alive) made for very colourful arrivals but it was purple that turned out to be one of the most popular shades of the evening.

From shirting (Tyler Perry) to a full suit worn by Spike Lee in honour of the late artist Prince (whose favourite colour, according to rumour, was actually yellow), it definitely poured more than rained. We can probably expect the colour of kings to trickle down to street level in three, two, one...

Velvet goldmine

One way to make the public pay attention without going all out is to play about with texture. Brocade and embroidery, velvet and satin are old school tricks to giving an evening suit a safe update. Comedian John Mulaney, Ryan Seacrest and Chadwick Boseman were the perfect intersection of classic style and fashionably forward. Boseman's fellow Black Panther star Winston Duke made his suit pop with white piping. Even the infamous Louis Vuitton harness made an appearance, this time by comic legend Terry Crews.

But leave it to known red carpet prankster Jason Momoa of Aquaman to have both the best accessory and the wildest suit on ground. Crushed pink velvet isn't for everyone but the DC Universe's latest superhero managed to pull it off. But look a little closer and you'll see the tiny detail that separates the boys from the men who are comfortable in their own skin: a matching scrunchie for his hair. Nicely played, Khal Drogo.

Style train

Billy Porter may not yet be a household name for most but the star of American Horror Story: Apocalypse and Pose hands down stole the show when he arrived at the event in a black velvet gown.

In 2019, this probably shouldn't be as big a deal as it is (Executive Style is stands firmly in the wear what you want, just wear it well school of thought) but the choice still remains pretty daring for the average onlooker. Was it best dressed on the night? Look, probably not. That title belongs to either the incredible asymmetrical Dior tux worn by Nicholas Hoult or Chadwick Boseman's embroidered Givenchy couture. But feel free to disagree.


Check out the gallery above to see the best on ground at the 91st Academy Awards.