20 of the latest fitness tech to boost your workout in 2017

With plenty of summer and many long days of exercise and recreation ahead of us, who could blame you for updating your fitness devices to something new and shiny.

If you're like one in every four people who owns a Fitbit, chances are your activity tracker gets a thorough workout simply from daily living. A newer model could offer heart rate monitoring or a larger display, lifting your game and taking you closer to beating your PB.

Likewise, if you own an Apple Watch Series 1, the gains for updating to a Series 2 model – being GPS, water resistance and an improved processor – are definitely worth considering if you're a keen swimmer or runner.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

When you consider the myriad of devices hitting the health tech market every month, the possibilities to improve your fitness are boggling.

Throw on a smart shirt to monitor your breathing and get live feedback on your form, ensuring your technique is the best it can be. Or perhaps you need a digital coach barking encouragement in your ear to increase your efforts. There's even a smart drinking cup to calculate and monitor your liquid calorie intake.

Of course, if you simply want to stick to your regular exercise regime and enjoy the best quality music possible, naturally, there's a pair of sweat-proof headphones just for you.

Browse the gallery of cutting-edge fitness devices above to help lift your game and crush your personal best.