21 of the hottest menswear looks at David Jones' AW18 runway

If there is one menswear trend that David Collins, General Manager of Clothing for retail behemoth David Jones, hopes dies a quick death it's the skin-tight chino. And unnecessary ankle cleavage.

"I think this might be a personal thing. I can do the sneaker with the suit thing, that's all okay, but the skinny chino and the mankles has done it's time and we've got to move on."


Talking just a few hours ahead of their first major event of the year, the David Jones AW18 Runway, Collins' prediction is that 2018 will see men dressing smarter, with a more eclectic approach to their wardrobe.

"Menswear is more about mixing it up this year than ever before," he explains.

"This season is about getting guys to be a little bit bolder about what they do. We'll see more checks, texture, and more colour in winter. There's also lighter fabrics, with more technical fabrics with a lot of stretch and guys layering up in the cooler months."

The biggest thing is knowing how to put things together ... A lot of guys battle with that in terms of styling.

David Collins

Clothes that work ... and play

While the "mankle" still made an appearance on the runway later that night, Collins prophecy rang true - if prophecy you can call it when you have insider knowledge of what's about to go down.

Gone was the athleisure aesthetic that was so dominant last year in favour for more versatile and transitional styling – a balanced wardrobe that works just as easily in formal corporate environments as it does outside working hours.

"Athleisure isn't going away any time soon, not in Australia where it really suits our lifestyle," says Collins.

"But what we're looking to showcase is those clothes that make the move from work to cocktail bar. It's a working, transitional wardrobe."


Putting it together

But possibly the strongest message that came across from the night is that with the right styling, a killer wardrobe can be as easy as a camel suede jacket, grey T-shirt, and beige pants.

And it's this detail – dressing the modern man and helping him kick sartorial goals – that Collins states will be a major focus for DJs in the year to come.

"The biggest thing is knowing how to put things together. A lot of guys battle with that in terms of styling and think the outfit is the outfit."

Getting personal

To help the men of Australia overcome this, personal shoppers will the department store's secret weapon to take the hassle of choice and selection out of the consumer's hands and into the those of an expert.

Better yet, it doesn't come as an additional expense.

"Personal shopping, particularly in the menswear space, is growing at a pace we can barely keep up with. People think this feature is going to cost you more – it doesn't, they're just putting a curated selection together for you."

For those who suffer from knowing the ins and outs of minor details such as what shirt works with what occasion or how to rock a poppin' accessory, this service can be a lifesaver. Even for those who are old hats at the fashion game can still benefit from an insider's eye on new product that's just landed.

"In the coming year, we will be focusing on our personal shopping experience. It's a big part of our business."

Check out the gallery above to see the best looks from the David Jones AW18 runway.