23 of the best tech that will make your life easier in 2018

Life wasn't meant to be a struggle. Why reach for the remote when you can use voice activation to request the program you're after instead? Or even turn on and even dim the lighting?

Smarter technology is leading us towards a world that's seamless, immersive and integrated – whether it's in your office or at home. One of tech's biggest motivators has become to minimise the amount of human effort it takes to do pretty much anything in your life. Right down to making sure you waste no energy brushing your teeth in the morning. Now, the smart man instead reaches for his state-of-the-art electric toothbrush. Just turn on, hold and let the brush do all the work. And don't even think about ever having to manually clean your floor again when you can have your own personal robot do it for you.

Better yet, brands are becoming much more aware of their product's inherent aesthetic value. Whereas once we had to suffer the incongruence of objects that completely threw off the carefully considered vibe of your man cave, now designers are taking into account how a device may play a part in the overall oeuvre of your home.

That minimalist-looking sculpture over in the corner? Oh that's just your Amazon Echo.

The big question

But there's a serious side to all this as well.

Home security has evolved beyond lock and key. Netatmo's welcome camera, for example, sends you an alert if an intruder is detected in your home, complete with a picture of their face and a video recording.

Or if it's just a simple matter of upgrading your personal devices, the latest Dell XPS has set the bar, with an intuitive usability that now adds facial recognition and four mic-array to an already impressive list of features.

So as far as investing in new technology goes this year, it's not enough to ask what it does but also - how is it going to make your life easier?

Check out the gallery above to see some of best technology guaranteed to improve your life.