25 of the best-dressed men at this year's Emmy Awards

With spring carnival right around the corner, there's every reason for the lads to be across the best-dressed men at this year's Emmy Awards. It's practically a how-to guide for winning fashion on the field.

While a tux might be a button too far for even Derby Day (although I've seen a few variations on a theme in my time), there was still plenty of quality inspiration to cherry pick from as far as styling is concerned.

Safe to say, there was a lot to take in this year – crushed velvet, Kings Landing-worthy gold brocade, patterns and pinstripes and even a handful of men who looked more greasy real estate agent than red carpet award attendee (I'm looking at you Seth MacFarlane, you should know better).

But it was hard to miss that many of the best-on-ground all had one thing in common: swapping the traditional black for brown.

Brown's a hard colour to wear at the best of times, so trying your hand at it at a black tie affair, instead of traditional black, was always going to be a risk. And kudos to those who did it because it's paid off. In (brown) spades.

Schitt's Creek star Daniel Levy gave the shade a level of brevity by rocking a double-breasted suit. Levy, who's father and Schitt's co-star Eugene almost stole the scene in a navy blue version, upped the ante further with black detailing on the buttons and lapel.

These may seem incidental but it's this kind of detail that separates the truly stylish gent from the bloke winging it on the night and really elevated the colour into one that was perfect for the evening.

Michael K. Williams from the incredible When They See Us went one step further with his Berluti suit that sported a leather shawl lapel.

Tony Hale from VEEP kept it simple in a single-breasted suit offset by satin lapels.


Further down the line, Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was clearly still feeling his former character, the late Jaime Lannister. His gold brocade jacket could have been borrowed straight from the award-winning show's set.

Not everyone got it a hundred per cent, however.

James Van Der Beek started strong with a velvet blazer and plush '70s-inspired bow-tie and corsage. But with the velvet loafers, it ended up feeling a little bit Tom Haverford on treat yo' self day.

Take a look at the gallery above to see our list of the best-dressed men at this year's Emmy Awards.