29 Christmas gift ideas ideas to stock the perfect liquor cabinet

A gift of fine alcohol will never go to waste. This is surely one of the certainties of Christmas, along with over-eating and bad jokes in bonbons.

A bottle of something fancy is the perfect gift for that relative who's difficult to buy for, or who seemingly already has everything. Their co-habitants may disagree, but no-one's cellar is ever truly complete. There is always room for one new bottle.

You can never go too far wrong with the classics. Few people would be unhappy with a blockbuster Aussie red or a fine Scottish single malt.

However, the current climate presents an ideal opportunity to surprise or challenge your next of kin with something a little different.

A time to experiment

Whatever their favoured tipple, this truly is a golden age for creativity and experimentation. There's a small brewery or distillery opening just about every week, somewhere in the country. And there are plenty of maverick winemakers defying convention with new varieties and techniques.

New year, new drops

Try introducing a Scotch drinker to a single malt from one of Australia's burgeoning distilleries. Or, give them a taste of Australians' current favourite beer style, India Pale Ale, courtesy of Glenfiddich's trailblazing malt, IPA Experiment.

Wean a beer or wine drinker onto a traditional cider made with genuine cider apples, such as Willie Smith's French Blend. Show a champagne drinker an alternative to mainstream cuvees, perhaps a leading grower producer like Gimonnet, or a top vintage sparkling from Tasmania.

Open a vodka drinker's mind to a fine gin, or perhaps the flavours of a delicate white rum. The Pure Cane New Make from Australia's own Husk Distillers is just that, in all but name.

In short, while we all have those uncompromising relatives who are set in their ways, there's no need for predictability in drinks gifts this Christmas.

Check out the gallery above for some show stopping presents to put under your tree on December 25.