35 books modern men need to read

With the announcement that Tasmanian Richard Flanagan this week won the prestigious Man Booker Prize, it's a good time to reflect on our reading habits.

Flanagan's novel The Narrow Road To The Deep North was inspired by his own father, a Japanese prisoner-of-war who survived the Thai-Burma 'Death Railway', and is described by literary expert Morag Fraser as "a grand, paradoxical dance that is both macabre and life affirming".

It's a timely reminder that modern men need to know not only where to go and how to dress, but how to think.

The only way to do that — to learn how to make sense of the world with your mind — is to consider a lot of different thoughts. By and large, the best of those thoughts can be found in books that have stood the test of time.

Learn some life lessons from the literary greats.
Learn some life lessons from the literary greats. Photo: iStock

For that reason, Business Insider compiled a list of 'classic' books (ie. pre-1980) that can teach you about politics, love, philosophy and bravery — everything a man should know in order to face the world.