59 gift ideas you'll actually want this Christmas

Christmas isn't a competition. Well, it's not meant to be. But who doesn't like seeing their significant other, best mate or family member basically shiver with excitement when you present to them an unbeatable Christmas gift.

Doubly so if it's something that you can enjoy at the same time, such as an outstanding Chardonnay from Penfolds or Johnnie Walker's new Game of Thrones inspired White Walker.

There are also those gifts that easily crossover between fun indulgence and practical must-have. Google's latest release, their Home Hub, means you never have to reach into your pocket for your phone again. With a smart speaker and 7" display screen it's the perfect surface accessory. Everything you may need to view on your phone is available at a glance with Home Hub.

But for those who are stuck for something, there is always the option of letting the other person do all the hard work. There's a lot to be said for a gift card from luxury online retailers Mr Porter or Net-a-Porter, where you can then go choose something that strikes your fancy during a lunchbreak or from the comfort of your favourite sofa at home.

While we may have, for ease of placement, put certain gifts into categories such as an oil burner for him or Hermés beach paddles for her – don't let this limit your inspiration or even your own wish list. Who ever thinks that a man can't enjoy the site of a sterling silver Tiffany & Co. cup on his desk or a woman isn't interested in a damn fine whisky needs to check their Christmas cheer.

So with that, take a look at the gallery above to see what we - and you - would love to see under the tree this year.