A bespoke concierge is the ultimate luxury lifestyle perk

For many of us, the amount of work we put into five days during the week dictates the proverbial fruits we harvest on our weekend. It may sometimes feel like a hamster wheel, but those two days of freedom can really let us live large. However, those in the upper ranks of society have a much easier way of getting exactly what they want, regardless of how lofty their dream.

Imagine that you're sitting in your highrise pad and get the urge to watch Coldplay that evening. In Vienna. You pick up the phone, dial a secret number and politely state your request. Shortly after, a Rolls-Royce arrives to ferry you across town to a waiting Gulfstream V. and before you know it, you're sipping Cristal in a private box at Ernst-Happel Stadion as Chris Martin launches into Clocks.

It matters not that you had neither the tickets nor the transport to make your wishes come true. What does matter is that you had the silver to cross the palm of the ultimate luxury lifestyle executive: the bespoke concierge.

Keys to the kingdom

For society's elite – or simply those with enough zeroes in their bank balance to fuel every desire, every whim – the bespoke concierge can accomplish anything. Armed with an extensive network of contacts and an army of human resources that would make Ray Donovan blush, this 'recreational fixer' will devote every ounce of their being to providing a superlative level of service.

Take, for example, the banker who wanted to see every Vermeer painting in the world. One particular painting happened to be on display in a private collection… in Buckingham Palace. For the right amount of Pound Sterling and a few nibbles for the corgis, a concierge arranged for the good doctor to have a private viewing of the Vermeer piece and complete his quest.

Another concierge agency made one Japanophile bachelor's dreams come true, when he was greeted at the airport in Tokyo by Geisha on Harley Davidson motorcycles, to be whisked away for private Sumo wrestling lessons and training with a samurai sword master.

When it comes to tailoring bespoke experiences, these services are limited only by the imagination.

Free for those who can afford it

Apart from the costs of your actual experience, each bespoke concierge operates on a different fee scale. Obviously, the more extravagant your desire, the more time and resources required, hence a higher fee.

Some operate on an annual fee – anywhere from $1500 to $50,000-plus – which gives you the right to call their number. Other services will have levels of membership that dictate the extent to which staff will bend over to meet your demands. The remainder are completely bespoke, catering exclusively to one-off requests and charging appropriately - be prepared to write a blank cheque.


Exclusive experiences

For the right amount and with the appropriate connections, a concierge can, for example, organise time with a celebrity of your choice. An A-list rock or pop star, or even a Hollywood actor, will set you back anywhere between $250,000 to $2 million. A famous chef, flown to a venue of your choice to cook dinner or Sunday lunch; around $300,000 – you'll need to purchase new cookware as well.

A concierge could also organise David Copperfield for a little after-dinner magic show for a sweet $750,000. Go on – treat yourself.

Of course, this is only if your preferred musician/chef/actor/magician agrees to the whole ordeal. If it's something you really want, money should be no option. As J.P. Morgan famously said: "If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it."

Mum is the word

Discretion is the lynchpin for any concierge business. How do you think Benedict Cumberbatch visits Australia in complete secrecy* to bathe with penguins off Phillip Island and no one hears about it? It's because he uses a concierge service whose employees have lips tighter than the NSA (that's not saying much these days, but you get the idea).

Many agencies will also acquire goods and services under their own accounts, ensuring there's no paper trail to explain afterwards – just the thing to disguise that anniversary trip you've been planning for months.

If you're expecting business partners from overseas and need to organise the ultimate in entertainment, or want to make sure an anniversary or birthday is a celebration to rival the most glittering of star-studded Hollywood parties, take a look through the list of bespoke concierge services below.

The bespoke concierge

Bespoke Concierge Services

Run by two French-born men who boast enviable hospitality pedigrees, this Sydney company specialises in all things luxury. From organising a day at the track for you and your mates, replete with your choice of supercar; or an intimate, opulent weekend away to celebrate your wedding anniversary – consider your every whim catered for.


Black Book Concierge

A discreet concierge service aimed at entertainment and traveling dignitaries. Think: personal security, VIP entry to nightclubs, luxury penthouse accommodation and bespoke entertainment. Naturally, your privacy and anonymity is assured.



More private club than concierge service; elite membership offers dedicated personal account managers across the globe, ensuring you never find yourself at a loss for what to do or who to turn to for a little impromptu luxury.


The Concierge

Offering help with a range of day-to-day tasks alongside bespoke services, The Concierge makes an ideal 'butler service' for busy professionals wanting steal back more time in their day. Task them to hit the town and track down that elusive birthday gift for your significant other – you won't be disappointed.


Concierge Traveller

Just at home organising an intimate retreat at a floating villa in North Malé Atoll as they are a week-long spa holiday in the Margaret River region, this luxury travel company offers unique travel experiences that become to the memories of a lifetime.



Believe it or not, when you become part of the Ferrari family, you also gain a personal concierge. The team in Australia has been known to pull out all the stops to please local Prancing Horse owners – such as organising a private chef for a weekend retreat, or private box tickets to a sold-out concert.



Like a multifaceted gem, Australia has a myriad of unique destinations and experiences to offer the eager traveller. Alquemie tailor luxury getaways to your express interests, matching each client to their ideal surrounds and activities.


Have you ever used a bespoke concierge service? Share your experience in the comments section below.