A business suit you can ride a bike in

If you cycle to work, there are usually two options: walk in with a stretched-out and rumpled suit, or quickly sneak into a bathroom to change out of your Livestrong spandex.

Now, there's a third option.

San Francisco-based company Parker Dusseau designed the “Commuter Suit,” an outfit that is just as comfortable on your bike as it is in the boardroom.

“The biggest common complaint [cyclists] have is that they have to change their clothes once they get to work,” the company's San Francisco-based founder, Vaughn Brown, told Bloomberg Businessweek.

His inspiration was to make “clothing that allowed me to be active but also allowed me to look the way I want to look”.

Parker Dusseau achieves this active-formal ensemble with a gusset in the crotch, rubber in the waistband to keep the shirt tucked in, buttons to secure a pants roll-up, breatheable mesh lining in the jacket, and reflective strips under the collar and cuffs that are revealed when you roll them up.

The pants also have rear flaps with reflective piping that, like all of the suit's bike-friendly features, can be tucked out of sight during the work day.

The suit is made from Australian 135 Performance Superwool, which is also noted for its breatheability and resistance to body odour, and is laced with stretchy Spandex for extra flexibility. It also has a moisture-resistant finish.

The Commuter Suit is available in limited numbers in either charcoal or navy and goes for a total of $US730 ($780). And yes, they will ship to Australia. The company also offers a moisture-wicking dress shirt for $US145 ($155) that has flexibility at the shoulder seams to allow for various riding positions.