A century of BMW: 10 of the best models ever made

To celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, BMW has unveiled a jaw-dropping coupe with a shape-shifting interior and autonomous driving mode. The Vision Next 100 prototype will be shown in Beijing this coming May, before heading off to the Paris Motor Show and on to a world tour.

Although it's unlikely to make the production line, some of the features may eventually trickle down to the regular model line-up, such as the sports seats that can be swivelled to allow passengers to face each other, or the retractable steering wheel and console, and sideways shifting headrests.

The Vision Next 100 will finally end up at the BMW Museum in Munich, as part of a '100 Masterpieces' temporary exhibition that will explore the Marque's illustrious history through automotive milestones.

It was 1916 when aircraft manufacturer, Rapp Motorenwerke was renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works, or BMW), however it wasn't until the late 1920s that the company began to manufacture motor cars.

Enduring appeal

Over the decades BMW has produced some of the most iconic vehicles in automotive history. We asked James McCarthy, President of the NSW BMW Drivers Club, what it is about cars with the blue and white propeller on the bonnet that makes them so appealing.

A Toyota is like a white goods appliance, while a BMW pulls at your heartstrings.

James McCarthy

McCarthy, who owns a BMW F30 328i, says the appeal is simple: It's the way they drive.

"The slogan 'sheer driving pleasure' actually rings true," McCarthy says. "BMW is a comfortable car that is highly performance orientated, even in the lesser models. Plus you are looking at a brand with a lot of history behind it, making BMW something special in a way that Toyota isn't.

"A Toyota is like a white goods appliance, while a BMW pulls at your heartstrings. A Toyota Camry might get you from A to B but you aren't going to have a smile on your face, like you do in a BMW."

We asked James McCarthy to name the top 10 BMW models over the past 100 years. Check out his list in the gallery.

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