A man's guide to grooming

Is it time to ditch your soap, and those other bad grooming habits that clock-up extra miles on your appearance?

If your bathroom cabinet is home to a bar of soap, spray-on shaving cream, splash-on aftershave or hair wax, you could be paying for it in the looks department. It turns out that these common male-grooming mistakes can prematurely age you.

Although help is at hand in the form of a new crop of age-defying creams, pastes, serums and scrubs jostling for shelf space alongside the Old Spice and the Fusion 5-blades, choosing the right set of products can get confusing if you don't speak the lingo.

To help you sort the wheat germ masks from the anti-chafing balms, we asked grooming experts to think up the ultimate anti-ageing regime for men, and then whittle it down into a few key moves to suit everyday guys.


Mastering the art

The Fonz

Guys often shave for years and still get it wrong. So what are the three most common mistakes?

Scrubbing up

Is there more to life than soap?

Alice Cooper.

Throw out your bar of soap - it ages you by stripping away the natural oils that keep your skin in great shape.

Hair care

Learn from the pros

Alice Cooper.

Hair is one area where men can really make an impression, set themselves apart and improve their looks. Here's how.

Why cologne?

Scent of a man

The Fonz

To splash or not to splash? We explore the best ways to stay fresh when things heat up at work or play.