Adidas joins the space race with their latest Ultraboost 20 runner

The race to develop a running shoe that delivers the most energy return to propel runners forward has taken a giant leap forward, with Adidas announcing it will send it's Boost running shoe technology to space.

Coinciding with the launch of its latest running innovation - the Ultraboost 20, Adidas says its BOOST pellets will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Lab for testing in early 2020, as part of a planned NASA cargo mission. 

Defying gravity

Adidas Australia Senior Brand Director Shannon Morgan says the mission's objective is to leverage the findings at scale in Boost midsoles of the future.

"While aboard the space lab, scientists will study the Boost moulding process without the distraction of Earth's gravity, with the aim of delivering greater energy return for our athletes through exploring potential enhancements in motion and comfort," says Morgan. 

Adidas says the astronauts will run experiments to see if it's possible to produce Boost midsoles in different particle sizes, a finding that could optimise performance and provide physical breakthroughs for athletes.

"The ISS U.S. National Lab partnership presents Adidas with a new dimension of research and testing – microgravity conditions," says Morgan. "This will allow Adidas to push the boundaries of running shoe innovation even further."

"These are all purposeful strides towards evolving Boost and ensuring Adidas is delivering a high-performance running shoe that addresses the ever-more demanding needs of our athletes, taking high-performance running to the next level," adds Morgan.

A triple threat

Back on earth, the much-anticipated release of Ultraboost 20 see Adidas continue to evolve it's hallmark running shoe. Originally unveiled in 2015 as 'the greatest running shoe ever', the Untraboost was the first time an Adidas shoe featured three technologies - Boost, Primeknit and Torsion. 

Since then Ultraboost has been the pinnacle of Adidas design and innovation, while also playing a lead role in the company's sustainability efforts with Parley for the Oceans - a partnership that aims to produce 11 million pairs of shoes from recycled ocean plastic this year.


"The revolutionary Ultraboost range has consistently pushed the boundaries of running shoe design since first launching, with each new release going one step further than its predecessors," says Adidas Running's Vice President Design, Sam Handy. "In the Adidas Ultra Boost 20, we have lift-off again."

And he's right. The Ultraboost 20 is the latest and most advanced addition to the Ultraboost family. While viewed by some as more of a lifestyle shoe, it's the brand's most responsive running shoe - delivering 20 per cent more energy return versus standard EVA midsoles, marking a new benchmark for performance footwear.

Out-of-this-world design

These high-performance shoes feature a foot-hugging Primeknit Upper made from Tailored Fibre Placement technology, which lays down fibres to the millimetre to create an upper feel has a sock-like fit and that delivers calibrated support and a flexible fit for each runner's foot. 

The stitched-in reinforcement is precisely placed to give runners support in the places they need it most, while the soft elastane heel delivers a more secure fit. 

Responsive cushioning returns energy with every footstrike for that 'I-could-run-forever' feeling. The tongue features an official ISS U.S. National Lab patch paying homage to the ongoing partnership between the entities, and more co-branded graphics grace the insole. 

The trademark Boost midsole is featured at the underfoot along with a Continental rubber and Stretchweb outsole providing traction for all surfaces.

The first wave of the slick Adidas Ultraboost 20 styles to launch in Australia feature an iridescent sole in a metallic bluey purple available in varying colourways, including black, grey and blue. 

The overall ride of the Ultraboost 20 is smooth and comfortable, making it ideal for daily runs and longer training sessions.

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