Aesop and Rimowa's Köln Travel Kit is an essential item for every traveller

Aesop's foray into the design sphere continues with the release of their Köln Travel Kit, a limited edition collaboration with luxury luggage label Rimowa.

It's a partnership that makes sense in more ways than just an aesthetic sense, too.

"Rimowa and Aesop share a meticulous approach to craftmanship and an abiding interest in pared-back utilitarian design," said Dr Kate Forbes, Aesop General Manager of Product and R&D.

"Our shared pursuit of quality design led us to collaborate on creating a timeless, portable travel kit with coveted Aesop product for people venturing both near and far from home."

A traveller's choice

Based on Rimowa's iconic Travel Humidor, the Köln features a custom-built wooden inlay nestled inside a durable aluminium case all housing a selection of Aesop products perfect for nourishing the skin while travelling.

And if there is anything that wreaks genuine havoc on the skin it's extended periods of flying - dehydration (exacerbated by wine or cocktails enjoyed mid-journey), debris build-up and dryness from air conditioning.

For the face, the kit includes a trio of Parsley Seed skincare staples that deliver potent doses of anti-oxidants to fortify the skin; toothpaste, mouthwash and their classic shampoo and conditioner for the hair plus geranium leaf body cleanser to wash off the confines of the cabin in the business lounge showers. And as the products are all under 100ml, it's perfect for carry-on only travellers who are eager to hit the ground running. Keep in mind it does come with a bit of heft, weighing just under 1.5 kilograms.

Design for design's sake

But practical purposes aside, the Köln is a hit for those who are as sensitive to aesthetics as they are a change in cabin atmosphere.

"The Köln Travel Kit is a perfect example of functional luxury; a tool for purposeful travellers that encapsulates the thoughtfulness and consideration that both our brands apply to the creative process," explains Hector Muelas, Rimowa Chief Brand Officer.


Made in Germany, the kit embodies the minimalist appeal of both Rimowa and Aesop's ouvre as well as both brand's focus on environmental impact with the wood inlay carved from sustainably sourced German Beechwood.

A beautiful thing

Priced at $540, the Köln is Rimowa's first partnership with a skincare company (Aesop has previously worked with Henry Wilson to craft an oil burner) and their first travel kit to date.

Much like their oil burner that was designed in collaboration with Studio Henry Wilson, the  Köln Travel Kit is as much a tactile delight as it is a functional object.

And if we are to take the German writer Martin Heidegger at face value, the only difference between an object or thing and a work of art is in its ability to reveal a truth. And what can be more truthful than the need for taking care of your skin while travelling?

A limited number of Köln Travel Kits will be available for purchase from 26 October in select Aesop and RIMOWA stores and online.