All Men Are Liars TV

Well, this is it for another year as your humble blogger shuffles once more into the heat haze of the Australian summer, cupping his manboobs, stripped of all dignity by another 12 months of remorselessly, narcissistic, yobbo confession ...

I though I might as well get the standard insults and criticisms of this blog out of the way before reminding you All Men Are Liars took a somewhat different tack this year.

As closer readers might have noticed, we dipped our toe into the world of philosophy, history and international relations in 2012 and though many of you found the commentary superficial and cursory - I hope others enjoyed reading about topics other than my penis.

Next year?

Who knows what'll happen, as I've yet to enact my annual ritual of slaughtering a gaffer-taped guinea pig as an offering to the Finance Gods of Fairfax who give life to this blog.

Suffice to say, I'm still committed to discussing gender, relationships and the human condition and have been quite pleased to see so many other commentators, columnists and bloggers this year airing subjects we've covered here in the past.

As some of you may remember, thanks to the talents of R & R Media and producer Rodney Richmond, All Men Are Liars TV got a little push along the path to realisation as well ... though we're still to find a network with the cojones to air it.

Take a look at the sizzle reel below. Feel free to offer feedback or pass it onto any television executives you might be related to.

Have a great Christmas and New Years, we'll be back, Tuesday January 29 ... 2013.


ALL MEN ARE LIARS TV: And so ends my dating life.

Thanks to everyone involved in the shoot, particularly the producers, guests and crew. I'm sorry we couldn't use everything you said, but we had to keep it short and sweet.

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