An insider's guide to rocking the perfect suit at spring carnival

According to menswear label Hugo Boss, it's time men started taking their spring racing look to the next level.

While intriguing shades of olive should definitely be on the stylish man's radar, navy continues to reign supreme in the spring racing look. Just reinvigorate it by matching it with white pants.

What's more it's the season for seersucker – a comfortable and lightweight suiting option that can be purchased as a suit or separate.

New wave navy

"This year we're really all about pushing the new navy look," says Nash Rees, Head of Sales for Hugo Boss.

"Navy is still a very strong feature in suiting and separates. For spring racing we're about encourage a new way of wearing it. Match it with a white trouser, go for pink checkered shirt and utilise the jacket and pant with other pieces in your wardrobe on other race days."

Fabric for the summer

Seersucker has been around for decades, but has been reinvented through a modern gaze at Hugo Boss. It's a classic summer look too and an ideal change from the cool wool varieties we'll see plenty of at the track.

"Seersucker is definitely a highlight for us this year," says Rees.

"You can also find cotton and cotton elastin combinations which deliver on performance and comfort which is very important for blokes who want to look good but feel good too," he says.

The olive branch

Checkered olive-green blazers and a new wave of lighter charcoal tones are making a strong impression this spring racing. There's linen and cotton combinations while suiting jackets are unlined for a softer construction.


"[Olive tones are} fresh and big in Europe right's a break away from the navy if you want to stand out a little more," says Rees.

"Charcoals are also a strong feature, but they're not as traditional in tone and still give you a modern tapered edge if that's what you're after."

Never blend with the crowd

For the avant-garde fashion chaser, the Hugo line is all about being loud and proud. It's packed with strong checks in black, green and purple combination checks.

"This collection is ideal for the guy who is very fashion conscious and doesn't mind standing out. It's bold, bright and from our avant-garde line where the emphasis is on being a risk taker," says Rees.

In the details

When it comes to accessorising your racing look, it's time to think about leather flowers for lapel pins (Hugo Boss has created some gorgeously minimalist pieces that add wow factor to your suit).

Keep ties slim [knitted is preferred] but silk slim ties in muted tones will also win. It's the racing season to let the suit and shirt do the talking and always have a pocket square.

Off-track sensibilities

Rees, who has been with Hugo Boss for six years, says retail is constantly changing and the brand is adding new elements to keep the buyer interested.

"The customer is expecting a lot more for us," says Rees.

"We have stylists in store that can help you walk out with an entire outfit," he says.

"People want something new and need a reason to buy and we show them how a racing look can also work for the office later down the track."