Australian suit label M.J. Bale unveils the coolest suit on the planet

MJ Bale's coolest suit on the planet

M.J. Bale try prove just how cool their suits are by sending UK weatherman Alex Beresford to report from some of the most extreme environments.

When did tailoring become an extreme sport? Or specifically, when did it become a requirement for suits to double as elegant activewear?

To prove just how resilient their high-tech fabrications are, CEO of Italian brand Traiano, Filippo Colnaghi, became the first person to climb Mont Blanc dressed in one of his label's suits.

According to Colnaghi, the double-breasted blazer, trousers and shirt he wore on the climb passed the ultimate test, performing beyond expectations and remained just as pristine and flawless as it did before the climb.

And back in 2014, Van Heusen threw stuntman Nash Edgerton off a building to prove how much mobility their suits had.

Of course, this action-packed approach to style isn't entirely new. James Bond was outracing collapsing buildings in his bespoke three-piece long before it became commercially cool.

Tailoring: tested

What makes the current run of daredevils doing devilish deeds in their Dormeuil duds so different is that these new campaigns are being performed in real time and not the result of some fancy FX tricks on a big screen.

Aussie made-to-measure label M.J. Bale was a quick adopter of the in-situ action concept. In 2016, the brand sent one of their Saunders suits around the world in five days. The point? To see just how much wear and tear a suit could handle in one take.

This year, they've focused less on endurance and more on environment – specifically, that even in the world's most hottest regions, you can still wear one of their Cool Wool suits without turning into a sodden mess of sweat.

Which obviously works perfectly as Aussie gents stare down a season of spring racing squeezed into overly warm marquees and what promises to be a scorcher of a summer.


The coolest suit on the planet

To prove just how cool their suits were, M.J. Bale founder Matt Jensen and his team sent UK weatherman Alex Beresford to report from some of the most extreme environments: Morocco, Dubai, India, and Death Valley in the USA where it's been reported to reach temperatures of 57C.

"The whole mission was pretty extreme!" confesses Beresford.

"Even though Death Valley was the hottest temperature wise, India would have to be the most intense. The humidity was an absolute killer and the conditions were such a vast difference from life in the studio back home – a real eye-opener."

So what's to gain from throwing a bloke into the deep end, dressed to the nines?

"There's an outdated perception that merino wool, in particular woollen suits, are for autumn-winter only," explains Jensen.

"We want to change those perceptions and have more Australian men wearing merino wool suits in spring and summer. It's not just the unique features and benefits of wool, which we've already explained, but also the fact that the world is moving towards natural fibres that are biodegradable, environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly."

The superhero factor

Fit and quality are your two best friends when it comes to purchasing a suit. The offspring from that relationship is comfort and an investment into something that should last a lifetime.

So part of the appeal of these campaigns comes from seeing first-hand evidence that something you're making a significant investment in will last the test of time. And possibly the satisfaction from knowing you'll be prepared for anything, even if that "anything" is unlikely to ever happen.

Every bloke secretly wants to believe they're a superhero. And a superhero in a razor sharp suit is the best kind of superhero.