Australia's most powerful men reveal their style secrets

Australian's most powerful men reveal their style secrets

Fashion writer Louise Edmonds talks life, style and success with six of the country's sharpest gents.

Six successful men, six very different styles.

This video series from fashion blog MenStylePower invites some of Australia's most powerful leaders for an intimate chat about the finer things in life.

From millionaire, to celebrity chef, to CEO, these in-depth conversations uncover the complex tapestry underneath the shiny exterior.

These men impress not only for the empires they have built, but for their undying passion for what they do. They each believe in relationships, networking, empowerment and operating with moral and economic dignity.

And they also know how to rock a really great suit. 

Over the next six weeks, Executive Style will broadcast each conversation on Facebook.

Watch the video above for a taste of the series, featuring:

Luke Mangan

Mangan is the first chef to run concurrent kitchens on land, air, sea and rail, producing some of the world's most impressive cuisine. But how did he get his break? He opens up about the discouragement her found as a young apprentice - a world away from his current quest to tempt the tastebuds of consumers worldwide.

Mike Priddis

Well versed in strategy, design, product development, data science, communication and leadership, Priddis heads up a team of experts for his business Faethm, which works with multinationals and governments to understand the economic impact of technological and digital disruption.


Boris Tosic

Tosic owns Elan Construct and is a man focused on bringing together the architect and the builder, the artisan joiner and the modern machine. His natural affiliation with the finest materials exudes luxury and longevity, with many prestigious awards to his name.

Thomas Whalan

Whalan is an Australian water polo player who competed in four summer Olympic Games. From a highly-tuned athlete to businessman, he discusses how his dream of amplifying his beloved water-polo sport to the public.

Joe Farage

This suiting guru is about three things – unmistakable quality, sophisticated style, and the heritage of traditional tailoring. Away from work, his passions revolve around his family and three daughters. Everything he touches has a contemporary aesthetic, respectfulness and deep authenticity.

Jeff Lack

As one of Australia's most respected fashion stylists, Lack's 20+ year career has now expanded into international demand. The author of IndulGent – The complete style guide for the modern man and has also created a unique Fit, Colour, Style system that enhances your best features based on your personality and lifestyle.

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