Beauty and property are Donald's trump card

Everything starts and ends with good leadership as far as Donald Trump is concerned. Recession in the US and the debt crisis in Europe could all be resolved with proper leadership.

The celebrity billionaire, who is probably the only businessman comfortable mentioning property deals and beauty contests in the same breath, is holding media interviews before his first business-related trip to Australia.

''There are a lot of [business] opportunities throughout the world right now, absolutely. One of those places is Australia, which is a great country. And your contestant did very well last night in Miss Universe. You know I own the Miss Universe contest?'' he said in an interview with BusinessDay.

Mr Trump is the headline act at the ultra-motivational National Achievers Congress in Sydney and Melbourne next week. Tickets cost from about $300 up to $10,000 for a private (30 to 40 people) seminar with Mr Trump on the topic of success.

''Hopefully they are going to hear something that is going to be good and great, and hopefully they are going to enjoy themselves [and] go out and put it to use and make a lot of money,'' he said.

Mr Trump recently aborted a run for president in next year's US election on the Republican ticket, but if the Republicans pick the wrong candidate, he is prepared to run as an independent.

''I think it is not a good period of time in the United States but it is going to get better,'' he said.

''And we have a great country and it is going to get better when we have more intelligent leadership. Everything is about leadership if you think about it. A great leader can make things happen.''

Another problem, particularly for the property market, was that banks were not lending as much money as people needed to buy or develop property. Mr Trump said tough regulations had scared banks from lending more than 35 to 40 per cent of the cost of a project.

And he doubted that President Obama's $US450 billion jobs package would work or get through Congress in its structure.

''I think it's an artificial stimulus. I don't think it's the kind of plan we need in this country. We are not releasing our entrepreneurs and that is one of the problems with [Obama's] administration and his presidency, and why its doomed. He is not doing well as a president and certainly the country has not been doing great under his leadership.''

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