Benjamen Judd

Benjamen is the Sydney-based arm of the Executive Style team. A former Stitched Up columnist and regular menswear writer, he covers the ins and outs of current trends.

<b>12 Micron dessert buffet</b><br>
A majestic feast for those with a sweet tooth in Sydney’s latest dining experience. ...

Handsome Things

17 gifts your mum really wants

Mother's Day is still your chance to show some appreciation for mums nationwide.

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Zegna remains at the pinnacle of men's tailoring trends.


32 men's suits that define 2017

Traditionally slow when it comes to trends, men's suiting has undergone a major style evolution.

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Ouch: Are you shaving against the grain?


Is it time to ditch your razor?

From sensitive skin to erratic stubble growth, electric razors are the way to go.

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Fashionable farming: Paolo Zegna samples the wool at Achill Farm.

Zegna learns hard way about Australian farming

When Italian luxury label Ermenegildo Zegna purchased a stake in the historic Achill Farm located in Armidale, northern New South Wales, no-one could have guessed how hard the subsequent three years would be.

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