Best cycling apparel

This story was originally published on D'Marge.

There’s plenty of sportswear that we can only accurately describe as “hideous.”

So much of it is terribly designed, or drowning in distracting logos, or so focused on functionality that it neglects the aesthetic side of things completely.

Fortunately, a few companies have realised that sometimes simplicity reigns supreme.

So we've identified eight men's cycling apparel brands that realise practicality and style are not mutually exclusive. 


(See lead image.) Design geeks everywhere are in love with Bernard’s beautiful cycling kit. The colours, the typography, the totally unique design – everything comes together perfectly, resulting in one of the most coveted jerseys in the cycling game. The limited edition gear (which includes three jerseys, shorts, a wind vest, arm warmers, and a cap) flies off the shelves every time it goes on sale.

Good luck getting your hands on it.



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