Best-dressed men at the 2016 Melbourne Cup

Some scattered showers around the big race didn't rain on the fashion parade at the Melbourne Cup, which saw 97,479 punters at Flemington in contrasting states of style.

Plenty of stylish men put on a stellar show, with blue and grey three-piece suits, brown brogues and carefully selected pocket squares among the big trends of the day.

On trend

Colour was everywhere both on and off the track, with blazing hues seen on ties, trousers and jackets. Bold checks, paisley prints, plaids, florals and stripes were out in force, as were round sunglasses and statement accessories such as tie pins and, naturally, the signature yellow rose.

Double breasted suits made a big trackside comeback, as well as separate pant/jacket combos.

The VIP Birdcage enclosure was the place to spot power brokers and celebrities of varying clout, from Gina Rinehart and Julie Bishop to Bachelors and Bachelorettes of the past.

Millionaires' Row in front of the key marquees was the prime real estate for peacocking dudes eager to show off their sartorial strengths.

Scroll through the gallery above to see some of the best-dressed men at the track.