Can someone please explain to me the logic of having a bookmaker like Tom Waterhouse - whose entire meaning for being is to fleece punters - giving viewers tips for what horse is going to win the Cox Plate? ...

During Channel Nine's coverage Saturday, the network crossed to Waterhouse before each race for his reaction to pre-jump betting trends.

It was curious for a very simple reason: Why would a bookie tip a punter a winner?

A bookie divulges information designed to make you bet, but don't kid yourself they actually want you to win.

Bookies and punters exist because of each other - they need one another - but they clearly do not want their opposite number getting the upper hand because it means they'll go broke and their children will have to eat cereal for dinner.

So let's not kid ourselves they like each other.

Why would you like someone who is trying to take money off you?

One of Waterhouse's ads proclaims: "With four generations of betting knowledge in my blood, I was born to bet. Bet online with me ... and that knowledge will be yours".

So let's run this through again.

A bookie wants punters to lose. Tom Waterhouse has four generations of experience in how to ensure he wins and punters lose.

So bet with Tom and he'll give you that knowledge?

Can I sell you the Harbour Bridge as well?

Waterhouse's website proudly proclaims: "I know what punters want".

I must demur.

No you don't know what punters want, Tom, because punters want to back winners. And you want them to back losers.

I can assure you punters don't want to sustain the fourth generation of a bookmaking dynasty.

It's like a matador proclaiming on Spanish TV: "With four generations of slaying bulls, I know what El Toro wants."


The bull wants to rip your throat out and see you pumping blood into the sand, twitching.

So, why are you smiling?

It's certainly not because of this.

Or this.

Maybe it's because Tom Waterhouse and his ilk are part of one of the biggest - albeit completely legal - hoaxes perpetrated on the Australian public in the last five years.

The transformation via TV of bookies and betting agencies into the "punter's friend".

Brazen horseshit.

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