Brewery delivers beer by drone

The video above demonstrates to the likes of Homer Simpson why technology exists: during winter in the US, a brewery in Minnesota named Lakemaid Beer decided to use a drone to fly beer out to ice fishers out on a frozen lake.

But of course it was too much fun and US authorities hate that, so three days after the service started last week on Lake Mille Lacs, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stepped in to ban it.

You've probably heard Amazon bragging about plans to use drones to deliver parcels. Well, they have a lot of work to do first because under FAA regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles, you're not allowed to: fly them over populated areas, at an elevation above 400 feet (122 metres), they can't be heavier than 25kg and you can't use them for commercial purposes.

But we assume those rules don't apply if you want to bomb insurgents in foreign countries with a drone, just to delivering beer with one.

May we suggest that if you do want to do this sort of thing, best not to film it and stick it up on the internet.