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Emirates and Qantas.

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Qantas announces frequent flyer changes

Qantas has outlined a raft of changes to its frequent-flyer loyalty program and baggage allowances ahead of the launch at the end of next month of its tie-up with Emirates.

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Get ahead ... there are many perks to platinum status.

The Platinum pursuit

In frequent flyer schemes, the best perks come courtesy of your 'status', whether it's Gold, Emerald, Diamond or Platinum.

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Maximise your miles ... make points work for you.


Maximise your miles

Mastering your frequent flyer points calls for smart thinking.

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frequent flyer

High Flyer

When points pile up

Sitting on a pile of Qantas frequent flyer points? We reveal the best and worst ways to use them.

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Hotels need to do much more than put skirt-hangers in closets to woo the female traveller.

High Flyer

Frequent-flying females

One in three business travellers is now female, so why do airlines and hotels continue to ignore them?

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Qantas passengers.


Qantas reveals its frequent flyer 'thank you'

Qantas has announced a "thank you" to its frequent flyers in the wake of last month's grounding of the airline - but some thank yous are bigger than others, with top tier members receiving greater gifts.

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High flyer

Platinum handcuffs

Having sipped from the Platinum-lined cup of plenty, how hard do you work to stay on that level and continue to enjoy the fruits of your very frequent flying?

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