Can Brad Pitt really be 50?

Brad Pitt turned 50 this week, and the man who can play all ages – think The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – and any genre of film – compare Snatch to Inglorious Basterds, Ocean's Eleven or Burn After Reading – is still very clearly at the top of his game.

Still one of the world's most sought-after actors, he has maintained his boyish good looks and joins a clique of over-50s who can still genuinely carry off the “Hollywood heartthrob” cliché.

He's also among the best-paid, with 10 films he starred in having grossed more than $US300 million ($339 million); the highest-grossing was World War Z ($US540 million) ahead of Troy ($US497 million) and Mr and Mrs Smith ($US478 million).

He joins the likes of Johnny Depp and John Stamos (both 50), Jon Bon Jovi (51), George Clooney and Dylan McDermott (52) and Antonio Banderas, Colin Firth and David Duchovny (53) as past-50 performers who are still very much at the top of their game.

Check out our gallery and tell us - did we leave anyone out?