Do real men use a hairdryer?

You've caught up. Upped the corporate stakes and, finally, gone for the good haircut.

Perhaps you've gone a little Don Draper, a bit Daniel Craig, or maybe even a tiny touch of one of those One Direction lads (though you and your hairdresser would never admit it). You've made the investment, your hair's looking sharp, and you're feeling more commanding and arresting than you ever thought possible from a 45-minute appointment.

You're looking good. But there's a catch. You have to keep it up. Hair this good doesn't just happen. It needs homework.

"A lot of the stylish cuts require men to blow dry," says Nathan Armagnacq, of Oscar Oscar salon at Melbourne's Chadstone shopping centre. "The Mad Men parted bouffant, anything that requires smooth and volume, needs a blow dryer."

For us men, using one of those things is not easy. It requires practice "and not on the day you're going out", warns Armagnacq.

"Men don't realise that when they get a style they need to get a good understanding of what is required ... the right products are important. But so is using a blow dryer."

Don't be deterred. Hair dryers are just another machine, aren't they? Don't we all love a good gadget?

There are many good high-performance brands in the market but Armagnacq recommends a brand called ghd.

"They are very expensive but they are the strongest and most powerful on the market and the most effective," he says.

The ghd air, launched last year, is designed to create "the perfect salon finish at home" and has an Italian-cool ergonomic design and a professional-strength motor. It's $199.

The more modestly priced Remington numbers do the job, too. It's a reliable brand.

Expect to pay from $80 to $300 for a hair dryer. Expect to have to play with it a lot to master it. But really, is it worth it?

Is the whole concept of blowdrying your hair in the morning too tiresome to contemplate?

Is it too fussy, too time consuming? Or simply beyond the pale? The thought of me and a blowdryer is, frankly, laughable.

How about you? Is great hair worth the time and effort it takes?