Eight easy fashion hacks to look more stylish in 2017

When it comes to clothes, we men are pretty lucky.

We can pick out a shirt and suit – appropriately fitted and measured, of course – flourish it with a pocket sqaure and call it a look. Same goes for off-duty gear – denim or chinos with your choice of T-shirt, some killer shoes and voila! Done.

But this easy approach to style can just as easily be taken for granted and quickly become, well, a little bit monotonous.

So to help keep your wardrobe on it's fashionable toes, here are some easy style hacks that can give even your most simplest outfit a refresh.

Go rumpled

This isn't for everyone and I'm prepared to cop some flack for this suggestion – but done the right way, in the right setting, an unironed shirt can make a big statement. Better done with coloured or printed shirts than white, temper this look by making sure your pants are crisper than a fresh $100 note and your tie is perfectly notched. Leave the shirt untucked for optimum effect.

Ditch the tie

Fond of a three-piece suit? Shake it up by getting rid of the one thing you should always wear with it. Your vest will help maintain a more formal appearance while sporting an open collar will take some of the stuffiness out of this conservative ensemble. If a two-piece suit is your go-to, you can do a similar trick by swapping the tie out for a pocketsquare or lapel pin.

And the belt ...

And for that matter, get rid of the belt too to create a much more streamlined look. By now, we should all be familiar with a tailor and and how pants should fit, meaning most of us wear belts more out of habit anyway than any real need for sartorial assistance.

Mix your looks

Blazers over hoodies, sneakers with suits or even a denim jacket in lieu of a suit jacket – mixing up your weekend gear with more formal looking pieces is a great way to refresh your look. For style cues on how to pull this off, take a squiz at how actor Eddie Redmayne combines everything from sneakers and trenches to tailored looks with espadrilles.

Go a step further

And mix your patterns. And your colours. Especially if they would traditionally be considered to "clash". If the most recent menswear collections are anything to go by, this is the year to be taking some seriously garish risks. Go on. It's 2017.


Roll up roll up

Roll up the sleeves of your jacket. Considered anathema by many, but a great way to add some panache to your look, this one is best done with a blazer worn with chinos. Don't over do it though by also rolling your pants cuff. It's one or the other.

Invest in some jewellery. And wear it.

From Portsea to Paris, men's jewellery has become a big thing. Not subtle bracelets or a single ring, but bold statement jewellery like big and brash pinkie rings and chunky handmade necklaces like the sort seen at Prada's runway collection.


Shave your head. Shave your face. This may sound obvious but it's often the last thing we consider doing because, frankly, it can be intimidating. Particularly if you're facing pending follicular loss. But aside from the easy upkeep, it could be the best thing you do to minimise your morning grooming routine.

Check out the gallery above to see how these small tweaks can boost your style game.