Eight of the best jeans for men to get this winter

Denim is back.

And no need to look confused, we are well aware that it never really went away, but thanks to the scourge of skinny jeans and plague of jorts, denim had become as exciting as a plain white T-shirt or as relevant as a New Kids On The Block Reunion Tour.

In the wake of Vetements' post-normcore aesthetic ,where dressing like your dad at his daggiest is encouraged, and the incessant '80s revival, denim is back with an acid-washed vengeance.

The Return

All American denim lost fashion credibility to Japanese purists and Swedish labels such as Acne in the noughties, so a series of Zeitgeist collaborations have lead to the resurgence of brands such as Levi's.

Back in 2016 the home of blue jeans launched collaborations with a roll call of front row favourites, Off-White, Supreme, Vetements and Gosha Rubchinskiy. The results were Levi's styles tweaked within an inch of their size 28 waistband, leading to the current trend for customisation.

The patchwork styles have been picked up by Dolce & Gabbana on the menswear runway in January, while UK label Liam Hodges and Sunnei approached customisation with spray-paint and labels.

Customisation: How to do it

Track down some basic denim styles such as Levi's 501s or classic jackets in a mid-wash. Leave acid-wash, stone wash and inky blues on the racks and let basic blue be the backdrop for your customisation.

The easiest and most effective ways is to add badges to a denim jacket or to jeans. Steer away from classic fifties styles with names and tourist destinations and search for quirky badges from the late '70s and early '80s. for a credibility upgrade.

Unheard of post-punk bands, Berlin art fairs or Piggly Wiggly logos all trump Rolling Stones lips and lightning bolts.


Places places

Positioning is also key. Once the breast was best but now wearing a badge on your sleeve or in unexpected places like the back of your shoulder can give the illusion that you're taking a unique approach.

Embroidery is also popular but can deliver a result bordering on arts and crafts, which diminishes the piece's innate urban aggression.

You can go next level by commissioning an artist to turn your jacket into a canvas. Businesses such as Sophi Athas's Hatrik and Melbourne's One of a Kind Denim can collaborate on a design to turn the back of your jacket into a personal piece of art. Approach it like a tattoo without the pain.

Keep it simple

If you're happy to leave the badges, embroidery and art to those interested in attending next year's Coachella you can still jump on the denim train by simply embracing the vintage shapes making a comeback.

Last month at a Levi's event in New York Brooklyn Beckham let the rest of the crowd go crazy with badges, monograms and patches, preferring to keep things simple.

Beckham stood out in a mid-wash '90s trucker jacket and straight leg vintage 501s with a rolled cuff.

Wide-legged seventies style are also gaining in popularity.

Simply put, steer clear of skinny jeans and you're set.

Check out the gallery above to see some of the best jeans to rock this winter.