Eight of the best tracksuit pants that you can rock in the office

In a narrative more convincing than Batman v Superman, the trackpant is taking on tailored trousers for corporate daywear. Forget about athleisure wear, it's time to athwork.

The dominance of the suit as the sole executive exterior for men has been dwindling since people loosened their ties on casual Fridays. So far the tailored twinset has stood its ground, while the tie has become a foppish accessory rather than an essential outside of private schools, law firms and middling merchant banks.

If this sounds like a far-fetched invasion brought to you by Armie Hammer on the red carpet, Kanye West at Adidas or Rihanna at Puma, brace yourself because the track pant has already infiltrated the wardrobes of people who break a sweat by busting budgets.

On the cuff

Those jogger style trousers you love with elasticised hems and drawstrings are basically track pants and the perfect way to incorporate slouchier, less structured (read bloody comfortable) trousers with a jacket.

These are not your grey marle or Nantucket red no-name track pants, with Giorgio Armani and cashmere king Burnello Cucinelli, creating designs in dark greys and deep navy perfect for the top end of Collins St.

The key ingredient to getting these pieces right is the fly - you want one. Without a fly to define the front of your trousers there's just too much billowing fabric, which is unflattering for anyone out of puberty and into carbohydrates.

Alternatively, look for ones with a pleated front that gives them more structure and shape.

Avoid the ensemble

These styles are the simplest for wearing with a collared shirt and blazer. If your work environment feels the same way about the death of the suit as Russia does about Elton John, Troye Sivan and Pussy Riot, look for a matching suit jacket for a touch of trompe l'oeil.

With these styles you can still wear a polished leather shoe but aim for a boot instead of a brogue to prevent awkward ankle exposure.


If you have bought the track-trousers individually don't waste time looking for a perfect match. Instead aim for a contrast wearing relaxed grey track trousers with a navy jacket or navy track trousers with a dark jacket.

Le Sport

For offices that turn a blind eye to denim and polo shirts there are some ways that you can introduce some of the more sport-inspired track pant styles, with logo, bright colours and tech fabrics from the likes of PE Nation, The Upside and Versace.

The obvious point to make is that you must reserve these pants for work and not for the gym. No matter how often you wash them, your squat sweat will infiltrate the fabric.

Smart divide

If you're heading to work don't wear the matching jacket. If you need a jacket, look for something unstructured in a superfine weave that want look odd against the pant's shine. Nubby wools and tweeds are out.

Your best bet is a car, military or trench coat and a jumper. The outerwear will add professional polish and structure when you need it while the plain, logo-free jumper just looks right.

As for shoes, this is where you can break out the trainers but you might want to play it safe in solid colour styles until your next performance review.

Check out the gallery above for the most work-place appropriate trackies.