Eight slender everyday bags for men

What do you carry in your briefcase every day? Chances are it will be a ridiculously slender notebook, uber-thin mobile, a cheese sandwich, and the Montblanc pen you 'borrowed' from Andrew in accounts.

Which is precisely why the humble briefcase is rapidly becoming a thing of the past – nobody really needs something so bulky.

These days it's all about thin, lightweight man-bags, with the luxury-end of the market delivering a raft of sleek and stylish options that are no less capable than their hefty counterparts.

Streamlined elegance

Rob Ferris, the head buyer for Harrolds, says slim and lightweight is definitely the way to go. "When you are wearing a suit, a more streamlined bag sits more elegantly against it," he says. "A lot of these modern bags are designed around the functional form of a messenger bag but using beautiful materials such as buffalo leather or a nice calf skin."

Ferris says that high-end luxury backpacks are also popular at the moment. "They can take you from the office to the gym in style," he says. "Tom Ford has a lovely range that is popular with young executives."

If you're looking to support a homegrown business, Jess Wootten is a leather craftsman with a studio based in Prahran, Melbourne. Wootten sources the leather from Ballarat; the last tannery in Victoria, and one of only six left in Australia.

Check out the gallery for inspiration.