Eight-month wait to drive you around the Benz

Mercedes-Benz is facing a big issue with its small car family – it simply can’t get enough of them.

The German car maker has confirmed that potential customers may be forced to wait for up to eight months before taking delivery of some versions of its popular new A-Class hatchback and CLA sedan – particularly the red-hot AMG models.

It is now concerned that it could be a victim of its own success and, considering most buyers of these cars are new to the Mercedes-Benz family, that the waiting list could sour their first experience with the brand.

“A-Class has certainly changed the way people are looking at Mercedes-Benz as a brand and it has been a big success for us. In some cases, it is too much and we have under-called how popular it would be,” admitted Mercedes-Benz Australia boss, Horst van Sanden.

“We will get more supply next year, but will it be enough? I doubt it,” he added.

“It is not ideal, and we do not want to turn new customers away because they have to wait. But this is a situation we are facing.”

In some cases, Mercedes-Benz has instructed its dealer network to provide customers that have already traded-in their vehicles to provide them with a B-Class as a temporary loan car until the vehicle they have ordered has arrived.

“We are doing everything we can for these customers, that is important for us,” van Sanden added.

But he fears the situation won’t get any better soon with the next small-car variant, the GLA SUV, expected to be even more popular for the brand when it goes on sale around April next year.

“GLA may be even worse for us,” conceded van Sanden.