Electro duo Client Liaison prove the joke was on us all along

When Client Liaison exploded onto the Australian music scene wearing gloriously tacky matching suits and peddling kitsch-cool style, it was hard to know if the joke was on us or them. Now the '80s-inspired electronic duo is touring the world with a hit album and playing arena shows with Tina Arena. Who's laughing now?

Judging by the slightly shambolic vibe of their onstage personas, you might expect Client Liaison's Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller to arrive late for this photo shoot. Not so. Morgan is five minutes early, fresh off the plane from Portugal, while Miller is on time to the minute. "I like being exactly on time at the moment," Miller says.

Beyond the surface

It's one of the many contradictory elements that go into the pastiche. They throw themselves into our shoot at Melbourne's glitz-glam QT Hotel with an upbeat professionalism that's seen them nominated for three ARIAs to be announced this week.

The band is nominated for best Australian live act, and two nods for best video of the year, for Foreign Affair and Off White Limousine

The video for Foreign Affair is a nostalgic nod to Aussie airlines of the past, more specifically Ansett. "This band could single handedly bring back Ansett," says one commenter on the You Tube page. 

I feel like Client Liaison would be club sandwich guys.

Monte Morgan

Fashion is an integral part of the CL package, and they carefully scrutinise each item for this rock'n'roll spread. Would Client Liaison wear this? At one point they stop to order room service. "Is a hamburger on-brand?" asks Morgan. "I feel like Client Liaison would be club sandwich guys."

Check out the gallery above to see Client Liaison's recent fashion shoot for Executive Style magazine.