Everything you need to know about earning frequent flyer points in 2020

Velocity Frequent Flyer patrons will feel a different sensation when they fill up at BP petrol stations from January 31, 2020. Namely, from the absence of points they normally accrue from every pump of the bowser.

Announced in September, BP's own rewards program, BP Rewards, has forged a new partnership with Qantas, allowing customers to earn Qantas points on fuel and other eligible purchases.

This new deal means that members of Velocity Frequent Flyer, the current BP partner, will cease earning points on eligible spends, unless purchases are made using a points credit card (see below). Better savour all the Velocity points you get when you fill up that 85-litre tank on your Rolls-Royce Cullinun while you can.

The new deal strengthens Qantas' hold on the Australian frequent flyer program market by giving flyers an easy way to accrue points on everyday expenses.

With frequent flyer programs now providing airlines with a large slice of their revenue, the reality is you need never leave the ground to earn points for your chosen program.

Everyday points

A well-known method of accruing points on a daily basis is to make everyday purchases using a points program credit card. Provided you pay off the balance in full to avoid interest charges, this practice ensures that every dollar you spend is working twice as hard for you.

For example, your average day involves buying a few coffees, lunch, maybe a drink after work then an Uber home. Just slide out your preferred points reward credit card, make the payments, then transfer the total amount you paid that day from your everyday savings account onto the credit card, thereby earning points for every dollar spent without attracting interest on the card.

This method can be applied to everything from your daily purchases to cinema tickets, fuel, clothing and more. Be creative and watch those small point rewards add up.

On top of this, many points reward cards offer attractive sign-up bonuses, giving you a good head start to getting off the ground for nix. Check the terms and conditions when signing up for a new rewards credit card, as there will usually be conditions that apply to bonus entitlements.


Infrequent points

Aside from points earned directly from air travel or credit cards, you'll find many non-travel companies - like an electricity supplier or insurance company - offer reward points on every transaction. Think of the ongoing nature of these infrequent payments as a constant drip feed to your frequent flyer points balance.

If you use the above-mentioned method of payment, you can double your earning potential without lifting a finger – earn points from the company on top of points from your credit card.

You could even feed two separate points programs from the one transaction – for example, earn Qantas points from a particular company when you pay with a credit card that awards Velocity points per spend.

In Australia, across mobile phone companies, furniture stores, gyms, supermarkets, white goods sellers, pharmacies and cinemas; there are literally dozens of companies that award points for every purchase.

Leisure points

If you're prepared to do a little study before going on holiday, there are many ways to earn points from hotel and car rentals, dining experiences and even your hotel massage. Play your cards right and you could earn points, door to door.

Use a ride-sharing service that awards points for your trip to the airport, then travel on your chosen airline to finally stay in a hotel that awards points for your stay. Then all you need to do is determine which car rental companies and restaurants at your destination award points as well, and almost every dollar you spend on your holiday will come back to you as points.

Use a rewards card for all these purchases and you've reached 'Neo level' status in the Matrix of points earning potential.

With a little preplanning and the appropriate rewards card, you can turn this holiday season into a frequent flyer points bonanza.

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